Invisalign NYC – Closing the Gap


Our patient came to us seeking a solution to close the gap between his front teeth. Although Dr. Newman suggested that his bottom teeth be treated as well, the patient wanted to solely focus on the top. 

Invisalign Dentist NYC – Listening to Patient Needs

Using Invisalign, Dr. Newman provided a treatment that closed our patient’s upper gap in only four short months. During his last Invisalign appointment, our patient told us that not only did he love the way his new smile looks, he is enjoying eating now more than ever, because his bite now functions properly.

“I’ve realized that patients initially come in because they want straighter teeth, but during and after treatment, they realize the positive side effects that putting the teeth in the right positions can offer,” said Dr. Newman. “What I took away from this case was that I am here to guide my patients and show them what looks ideal, but ultimately what they’re looking for in the final outcome is perhaps the most important.”

For this patient, simply closing the gap between his upper front teeth drastically improved the appearance of his smile and also the function. We partner with our patients by providing information, answering questions and then supporting them in the decision they make about their oral health and treatment options.

Invisalign Dentist NYC – You Reap the Benefits 

Invisalign is more than a cosmetic treatment for a more beautiful smile. The four major benefits of Invisalign we focus on educating our patients are:

1. Comfort — Misaligned teeth can be painful. They can also cause gum recession and tooth loss, which leads to more money spent and time in a dentist’s chair.

2. Function — Misaligned teeth can cause issues with your bite (underbite, overbite, crossbite, etc.), which often results in TMJ and jaw pain.

3. Beauty & Confidence — This one speaks for itself! Your smile is the number one thing people notice first, followed by height and eye color. But feeling good about your smile is what has an incredible impact on the individual. Smiling with confidence is a great self-esteem booster!

4. Health — Fewer dental issues, equals a healthier mouth and body. It is surprising how many diseases stem from oral health issues.

Invisalign Cost NYC – An Investment in You

An investment in a beautiful, radiant smile is an investment in you. A healthy and straight smile will support you in feeling more confident about yourself and will also function optimally when biting and chewing. Investing in Invisalign treatment will continue to benefit your overall wellbeing for a lifetime! And that is priceless!

There are multiple factors that will determine what your Invisalign treatment will cost: how long your treatment plan will last, the extent of the issues that need to be addressed, and the specific treatment plan that our Gold+ Invisalign providers, Dr. Newman and Dr. Rhieu, plan for you.

We strive to make Invisalign treatment affordable to everyone.

  • We accept most traditional PPO insurance plans. Speak to your insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for your treatment.
  • We also accept CareCredit.
  • All major credit cards and mobile payment systems are also accepted at Sky Dental

Sky Dental NYC: A Gold+ Invisalign Provider

Sky Dental is a Gold+ Invisalign Provider. Why is this important? It shows we have a higher level of education, experience, and successful results with Invisalign than most providers. 

Whether you want to tweak your smile with a minor alteration or straighten both your bottom and top teeth, the best Invisalign dentists in NYC are here for you! Book your Invisalign smile consultation today!

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