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Sky Dental Kids: NYC Pediatric Dentist

Here at Sky Dental, we have dedicated part of our practice to caring for children’s oral health and wellness. Come see what our NYC pediatric dentistry practice Sky Dental Kids has to offer! We’re here to support your family from baby’s first tooth through adulthood. 

Great oral health for a lifetime starts with being comfortable and familiar with the dentist in childhood. That’s why we’ve created a family-friendly, kid-friendly practice for you and your child to enjoy.

From getting the hang of brushing and flossing to understanding which foods help and hurt teeth, we are here for oral health education as well as bi-annual teeth cleanings. Normalizing great oral healthcare will set your child up for healthy, happy smiles in the years to come.

And there’s so much more! We clean teeth, we teach great oral health habits, and we’re here for you and your child anytime dental problems, challenges, or struggles arise. When you have questions, we’re here with answers and solutions.


First steps. First words. First visit to the dentist. But, when should that happen? The American Dental Association suggests that you bring your child to visit a pediatric dentist by their first birthday or 6 months after their first tooth has erupted, whichever comes first. During you child’s first visit our pediatric dentistry specialists will:

  • Check for abnormalities like lesions
  • Check to see if the expected teeth are presents for you child’s age
  • Guide parents on toothy topic like pacifiers, thumbsucking, diet and toothpaste
  • Offer tips for teething


Our pediatric dentists have specialized training that makes more them qualified than other dental professionals to treat you child’s oral health, as well as put both of you at ease by managing expected behaviors. At Sky Dental, we know that kids will be kids, and the tempo of appointments is child-led and parent-approved. Our patient approach is preventive and we support our family’s with tips, education, and treatments like sealants and fluoride, to prevent tooth decay.


  • Pediatric Dental Exams and Cleaning
    Not only will we help ensure your child’s teeth, gums, jaw, and oral tissues are healthy and thriving as they grow, we’ll also coach you and your child on great oral hygiene habits — and we make these biannual appointments fun!
  • Pediatric Preventative Visit
    Helping you and your child understand how to prevent cavities and gum disease is something you can count on us for each time you visit. We may also recommend specific protective and preventative treatment for your child’s teeth like fluoride and sealants.
  • Fillings
    Everyone on the Sky Dental Kids team understands the importance of preventative dental care but also realizes that cavities can and do occur in children. We go above and beyond to make these fillings pain free for your child so their visits with us always feel safe and comfortable.
  • Emergency Dental Services
    No matter how prepared a parent you are, or how much you’d love to cocoon your babies in bubble wrap, accidents aren’t always avoidable. Whether it’s an already-loose baby tooth or a newly emerged adult tooth, chips happen. Teeth can break.  In the event of a mishap, don’t despair. Sky Dental’s compassionate staff will do whatever they can to get your child’s smile back in business.
  • Mouthguard for Sports 
    Sporty kid? Then, a custom-fitted mouthguard is essential to protect your child’s teeth during athletics. Improperly fitted mouthguards can actually cause harm to your child’s alignment and do little to protect their teeth. After examining your child’s mouth, we will fit them with a mouthguard that feels great and preserves their growing smile.
  • Invisalign Teen
    Being a teenager is hard! The modern teen has challenges now that we never dreamed of even 20 years ago. That’s why Invisalign is such a boon for teens and parents alike. Your child can have the beautiful smile they want without traditional wire braces that can be uncomfortable and make a teen self-conscious. Clear aligners are discreet, easy to remove and clean, less painful, and provide quick results. Sky Dental is a Gold Plus Invisalign Provider, which means we have a higher level of education and experience with Invisalign than your average dentist. Your child deserves gold standard treatment! Make an appointment today so that we can show you how easy attaining a beautiful smile can be.

Dr. Jackie Zamani heads up our Sky Dental Kids team! She is available for appointment on:

  • Mondays and Fridays 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday 9am – 4pm

Call today to schedule you child’s next visit!

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