Zoom! Teeth Whitening FAQ: 13 Common Questions Answered

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At Sky Dental NYC, we work to bring our patients the best available treatments. That’s why we offer Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening. It’s quick, super-effective, and professionally done. For the best teeth whitening in NYC, see the exceptionally qualified team at Sky Dental!

If you haven’t experienced in-office teeth whitening, you may have some questions about it. We are always happy to answer your questions in-person or over the phone, but we want you to feel comfortable and empowered with knowledge. So, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions patients ask us and provided answers to those questions.

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

Age, genetics, diet, and lifestyle all contribute to teeth discoloration, along with less common factors such as illness, medication, or trauma. Teeth discoloration is a fact of life for nearly all of us at some point, and age is by far the most common cause. As we get older and our teeth’s enamel wears away, the yellow under-layer, dentin, begins to show through. If you’re experiencing discoloration of your teeth and feeling self-conscious about it, then our Zoom! Teeth Whitening in NYC might be for you.

Why Whiten My Teeth?

Teeth whitening patients often have both a reason and an impetus. For example, a patient’s reason may be that they feel the color of their teeth is a professional obstacle. The impetus, meanwhile, could be an upcoming professional event where they’re giving a talk and want to make a great impression. Many patients undergo a teeth-whitening treatment before their wedding, job interview, or high-school reunion. Some want to look their best for virtual meetings, a hot date, or just general confidence in a post-mask world. Whatever your reasons, Sky Dental has you covered!

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Most teeth-whitening formulas are peroxide based (either hydrogen or carbamide), and they work by penetrating the tooth’s enamel to break up dark-colored molecules through oxidation. Many whitening systems employ laser or LED lights to activate the whitening agent, though some whitener-only systems also exist.

What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is an in-office teeth-whitening system with a relatively high (25%) concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This high concentration is part of what makes it so effective and why it must be applied by a trained dental professional. 

We apply a whitening gel to your teeth and then illuminate them with an LED light to activate the whitening agent. The Zoom! system uses a light that reaches all of your teeth at once to create an even and rapid activation. The entire procedure in our office takes just two hours.

Included in your whitening treatment is a take-home whitening kit that will help you maintain that gorgeous smile!

Is Zoom! Teeth Whitening the Same as Laser Whitening?

Not exactly. Zoom! uses an LED light that reaches all of your teeth at once. Laser activated systems generally take more time because a laser’s narrow beam can only be applied to one tooth at a time.

What’s the Difference Between Zoom! and Over-the-Counter Kits?

Hands down, Zoom! is a more effective teeth whitening treatment. It contains about two and a half times the concentration of peroxide over the typical drug-store kit. Since such a high concentration requires professional application, you’ll only find whitening treatments this effective in dental offices.

How Well Does Zoom! Teeth Whitening Work?

Zoom! is our teeth whitening system of choice at Sky Dental, as it can brighten patients’ teeth up to eight shades. Check out some before-and-after images of our teeth whitening in NYC to see this transformation for yourself.

Is Zoom! Teeth Whitening Safe?

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a dentist-administered treatment, and it is safe for your teeth! It will not damage them or increase risk of future dental problems. The American Dental Association says that hydrogen-peroxide-based teeth-whitening products are safe.

Teeth whitening is not recommended for parents who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or children under 13.

Can I Get Zoom! Teeth Whitening if I Have Fillings or Restorations?

Proceed with caution. You can get Zoom! Teeth Whitening if you have fillings, with one caveat: If you have composite (tooth-colored) fillings, they will not whiten along with your teeth. So, if any of your tooth-colored fillings are on prominent tooth surfaces, you may want to consider having the filling redone at the same time. This difference in color is, of course, even more noticeable if you have a bridge, crown, or veneers, which also will not change color the way your natural teeth will.

Does Zoom! Teeth Whitening Hurt?

There is a zapping sensation commonly referred to as “zingers,” which some patients experience for 24–48 hours after treatment. And because teeth-whitening products temporarily soften your teeth’s enamel, they can also cause some general sensitivity for a few days after treatment. You can prevent or reduce both sensitivity and zingers by usingSensodyne or a similar toothpaste for a couple of weeks leading up to your appointment.

How Much Does Zoom! Whitening Cost?

This investment in your confidence will set you back less than a new iPhone. And when you get a teeth whitening treatment at Sky Dental, we include a take-home kit to help you maintain and maximize your brilliant new smile.

How Long Does Zoom! Teeth Whitening Last?

Everyone’s teeth are different, but 12–24 months is the typical lifespan for a whitening treatment. The take-home trays that we send home with you will help those pearly whites stay white. You’ll also find that your teeth will stay whiter when you avoid or minimize consumption of staining substances like coffee, red wine, and tobacco.

Who Offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening in NYC?

Sky Dental offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening in NYC! Our dental professionals will spoil you with our signature brand of kind, compassionate and efficient care. Call us today to find out about getting a bright white smile that you love!

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