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Invisalign Cost NYC

Did you have braces and retainers when you were a teenager to straighten your teeth, and now, a decade or more later, you’re noticing some unwelcome changes in your smile? Maybe a gap has appeared, or a tooth has begun to stray in the wrong direction.

That’s exactly what happened to Dr. Newman’s patient, whose wedding was fast approaching. She had braces as a teen and wore her retainer for a short time after they were removed. But then, life happened. Not only did she lose her retainer, she also didn’t replace it, resulting in one, very noticeable misaligned tooth. The bride-to-be came to Sky Dental looking for a solution so her tooth wouldn’t take center stage in her wedding photos.

  • Can Invisalign correct one tooth?
  • Is Invisalign after braces a good option?
  • Can some Invisalign treatments be completed in a matter of months?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Invisalign for Minor Corrections in NYC

Did you know that Invisalign is an excellent option to correct minor issues and has express treatments specifically for these cases? If you notice a tooth has shifted, a gap has appeared, or any other imperfections in your smile, schedule an Invisalign smile consultation with our smile experts, Dr. Rhieu and Dr. Newman, at Sky Dental in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. 

So, what happened to our bride? Three months after her treatment began, she walked down the aisle, confidently beaming her smile, resulting in absolutely stunning photos! And, of course, she now wears her retainer every night when she sleeps to maintain her new smile for years to come.

Invisalign Before and After

The results are precisely what the bride wanted. Dr. Newman created a plan to bring our bride’s one crooked tooth into alignment so she could feel confident with her entire smile, feeling even more beautiful on her wedding day. Proper alignment of all her teeth also helps to improve overall comfort and function of her bite. Additionally, with Invisalign technology, we were able to do it quickly – in just 3 short months!

Check out more before and afters in our Smile Gallery.

Are there any other benefits to Invisalign besides the cosmetic?

Definitely. While many people think a straighter smile is more attractive, it is not the only benefit of Invisalign treatment. Misaligned teeth do not support overall oral health because they are more difficult to clean, and can also impact your bite and jaw function, resulting in cracks, chips and possibly pain. Over time, misaligned teeth can even cause gum recession leading to tooth loss. Investing in straightening your teeth, aligning your bite and improving your oral health with Invisalign can actually help you to avoid larger tooth and health trouble in the future.  

Sky Dental is a Gold+ Invisalign NYC Provider

Sky Dental is a Gold+ Invisalign Provider, meaning that Dr. Rhieu and Dr. Newman have a higher level of education and experience with Invisalign than most providers. 

Invisalign Cost NYC

As with anything as personal as oral health, the cost of Invisalign in NYC varies from person to person depending on the case, overall oral health, how long the clear aligners must be worn, etc. But, in general, the following are true:

Sky Dental is the Best Invisalign Dentist in NYC!

Correcting that “one thing” to achieve a beautiful, straight, and healthy smile may be a short Invisalign treatment away! Dr. Rhieu and Dr. Newman, our NYC Invisalign Gold+ Providers, are here to support you in your smile goals, whether simple or complicated. Book an appointment today to look and feel more confident about your smile!

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