Dating, Kissing, and Other Invisalign Questions You Don’t Want to Ask Your Dentist

Invisalign kissing, dating, etc. to move into February?

Well, this is awkward. You got your top-shelf NYC Invisalign treatment last week, and that standout on Hinge just sent you a rose. Oh no! This could lead to a date, which may lead to kissing, which may lead to other things, and HOW DO YOU KISS with your new aligner trays in, anyway?! You really are committed to getting those Invisalign-perfect teeth in 10 months, but what about this weekend? You could ask your dentist, but um…you’re really not looking forward to the heat rising in your face as you sit in the treatment chair and talk tongue nibbles with Dr. Tooth.

Okay, we got you. We have rounded up some of the most frequently asked and answered questions that you may not want to gab with your dentist or orthodontist about. From eating on dates to the aforementioned “other things,” and all that in-between, we will try to tackle those hate-to-ask questions.

Will they even notice?

As it is, standing in the appointed location and looking around for someone that you’re supposed to recognize from their probs-Photoshopped profile pic is one of life’s most vulnerable moments. Let’s just take a second to connect with that feeling. Oof. Okay, shake it off!

Take a deep breath and remember 1) your date is probably obsessing about whatever they’re most self-conscious of, and 2) this whole Invisalign journey is in service of being your best self. Anyone who isn’t down with that is gonna be a good riddance. But! We have great news for you. There’s a very high chance they won’t notice your INVIS-align at all. (It’s right there in the name!) Patients regularly report that their spouses can’t even tell when they’re wearing their aligners.

Psst, pro tip: It may be tempting to leave your aligner trays at home, but the attachments alone are probably more visible than the aligners.

Drinking with Invisalign. Two people cheer with a bottle of alkohol.

Drinking with Invisalign

Right. Assuming your date hasn’t run off screaming into the night after spotting your barely visible self-improvement hardware, you’re probably ordering a drink by now. There are a few options here. You can remove your aligners, rinse, and replace after drinking; but the date-night variety of sipping is not entirely compatible with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

An overwhelming majority of orthodontists (and Redditors) agree that for special occasions such as dates, it is enough to avoid hot and colored beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine. Rather, stick to beers on the lighter side, seltzer, white wine, that sort of stuff. You will also want to remove the trays for a quick rinse at each bathroom trip; and be sure to brush and floss before bed!

Eating with Invisalign

Some folks may choose open-and-honest here, but let’s assume they’re not reading this article. Those brazen individuals will remove their aligners right there at the table, place them on a napkin, and say something witty like, “Excuse me while I take out my teeth.” Good on them!

For the rest of us, with some decorum for Sam’s sake, excusing ourselves to the restroom provides a private opportunity to remove aligner trays and place them into a pocket, purse, or handy carrying case. It’s also a good time to do a quick rinse to get that gin-and-tonic off the ol’ chompers.

You may be thinking, “But. My attachments? You just said they’re more visible.” Yes, but you will have food in your mouth, your date will be eating too, and with any luck, things are starting to relax a little around here.  

And the real nugget of truth? If you take away nothing else? No one cares about your dental hardware as much as you do. Your date is probably nervous too, and most people will happily overlook some clear things on your teeth if they dig your vibe.

So, here’s hoping you’ve worked Invisalign into the conversation by now and no longer feel like you’re keeping a secret. You may still duck into the restroom to put the aligners back in after dinner to spare your companion the full experience (and do another quick rinsey-poo), but at least now you don’t have to be shady about it!

Kissing with Invisalign

Your first Invisalign-chaperoned date is in the books! You are beginning to gain some confidence, and you might be ready to thank your date and skedaddle on home. Or maybe they’ve made the cut, and you’re down to take that slow stroll to your front stoop and maaaaaybe invite them in? You’ll be relieved to know that this is the simplest proposition yet.

Everything about kissing is just the same, except one minor difference: nibbles. Wearers report that tongue and lip nibbles are slightly…duller than with naked teeth. Other than that single caveat, will your makeout buddy even notice the aligners? Survey says no!

“Other Things”

Okay, okay. This is a family practice, but we can totally help you out a little. Maybe this isn’t your first date, and you’re ready to take things to the next level. Or maybe it is—we’re not here to judge. Once again, we hope by now that your date is in-the-know about your Very Badass Self Improvement Journey, but you may still have some questions about how Invisalign affects…things.

Wearers report that most everything is business as usual, except of course the aforementioned nibbles; and we’ll just say, in the spirit of keeping it PG-13, that there are some specific activities where Invisalign wearers’ partners are positively thrilled with the duller edge of an Invisalign-covered tooth.

Whew! Golly, we hope this helps. If you find yourself still dreading that uncharted territory, Reddit has proven an essential resource for frank answers to awkward questions of all stripes. And take heart knowing you only have to do this for the first time once! For more information on Invisalign treatment in NYC and to schedule a consultation with Sky Dental, book today!

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