Bedside Manner Takes FiDi NYC Dental to the Next Level

A FiDi NYC Dental Practice Founded On Relationships

New Yorkers want show-stopping smiles that open doors and forge friendships, from the block to the boardroom. At Sky Dental, Dr. Rhieu and her team have created a culture of care that makes this possible. Winning smiles start with a FiDi dental New York practice that gets you.

FiDi NYC Dental With Great Bedside Manner? Yes, Please.

Have you ever been to the dentist and walked away feeling bored stiff? How about dealing with dental staff who talk down to you about your oral health care? Ugh. No thanks. 

When you go to the dentist, you don’t just want expertise. You also want friendliness, a welcoming vibe, and maybe even a smile or two. The friendly staff at Sky Dental offers all of the above in spades.

It’s no coincidence that our patients stick with us once they’ve come for their first visit. Our bedside manner is legendary in the FiDi dental NYC community!

Got Great FiDi Dental Care?

Don’t take our word for it. Schedule an appointment for preventative dental care, or your most pressing oral health need, and see for yourself why the financial district of New York loves Sky Dental. We offer a variety of dental services to keep you and your family smiling those larger-than-life NYC smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry: Confidence is knowing that your smile reflects who you are and how you truly feel. Placing your trust in our smile design experts will ensure that you achieve the smile you’ve always envisioned!

General dentistry: Regular care can prevent the accumulation of plaque and calculus around the teeth and under the gums, which can cause an array of dental problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, bone damage, and eventually, tooth loss.

Pediatric dentistry: Sky dental is dedicated to providing children with positive dental experiences and healthy smiles.

Smile-straightening solutions: Correctly positioning teeth for proper alignment and function now will prevent future dental problems and make a significant difference to the future of your health. Call us to find out if you’re a candidate for Invisalign®.

Teeth whitening: One of the best things about Zoom Whitening is the immediate result. Your teeth may whiten up to eight shades in the span of an hour! Your final teeth whitening results will depend on the shade of your teeth before the treatment.

Sedation dentistry: Dental anxiety and phobias are extremely common. An estimated 30 – 40 million Americans avoid going to the dentist out of anxiety and fear. That’s why Sky Dental offers dental care with all types of anesthesia for your comfort.

Jaw or tongue discomfort: Suffering from jaw pain or tongue tension? Our Licensed Massage Therapist, Neela Kohli, is available to help you find comfort quickly and guide you to improved muscle habits. 

We can’t wait to welcome you and your family to our FiDi dental New York, NY practice!

Redefining the Modern Dental Experience in NYC

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