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From our humble beginning, we reached for the stars. Our founder, Dr. Wonnie Rhieu, has always made the oral health of this NYC community her priority, and the growth of her Sky Dental practice shows just how much her care is appreciated. When people look for FiDi dental care in New York, NY and find Sky Dental, they know they’re in good hands.

With Care Like This, Growth Was Inevitable

Back in 2012, Dr. Rhieu founded Sky Dental by renting a single treatment chair and operatory space at a large dental practice in the Chrysler Building. With dedication, compassion, and care, she opened her business treating NYC smiles.

One of the wonderful things about that first space where she welcomed patients was the huge windows that looked out over the city. People could enjoy the great view while having their dental treatment done. That’s what inspired Dr. Rhieu to name her practice Sky Dental.

It wasn’t long before Sky Dental’s clientele expanded and Dr. R added a second working location, offering DDS dental FiDi services to patients in that neighborhood. She rented another single treatment chair and operatory space there, and Sky Dental continued growing thanks to all its happy clients.

After a couple of years, it became clear that the practice had simply grown beyond renting a single treatment chair at this practice or that one. It was time for Sky Dental to have its very own space.

Dr. Rhieu moved her thriving practice into a large space with five treatment rooms, offering FiDi dental NYC care to more patients than ever — and they’re continuing this healthy growth today, thanks to patients like you!

Specialty FiDi Dental Care

Sky Dental offers a variety of FiDi dental New York care options, including…

General Dentistry

Sky Dental employs several general dentists and hygienists to care for everything from your bi-annual teeth cleaning appointments, to cavity fillings, to oral cancer screenings, to X-rays, and much more.

Pediatric Dentistry

We love working with children, and have a pediatric dentist on staff to help you and your child feel right at home working with us. Making visits to the dentist fun, friendly, and easy for kids helps set them up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits and strong oral health. 


Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with root canals. While it’s understandable that these aren’t anyone’s favorite thing, the experts at Sky Dental know just how to minimize root canal pain FAST and help you preserve your natural teeth. 

In some cases, your endodontist may even be able to detect your need for a root canal before that unbearable pain strikes! Regular visits to our office so we can monitor the health of your roots and teeth are your best chance for pain-free oral health.


Sky Dental also has a periodontal expert on staff to help treat any gum tissue or oral bone structure issues you may be dealing with. Whether you’re dealing with gum disease, painful gum recession, or gum overgrowth that minimizes the appearance of your teeth, our periodontist is here to help return your smile to its ideal state.

Periodontal wellness starts with a dedicated care routine at home, so be sure to talk to our specialist about what you’re doing now and how to improve on that to maximize your oral health outcomes.

We’re ready to show you your best smile ever! Come see us.

Redefining the Modern Dental Experience in NYC

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