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Due to COVID-19, We Are Not Currently Offering Jaw Massage Therapy, But Plan to do so in the Future.
Stay Tuned!

If you’re suffering from jaw pain or tongue tension, our Licensed Massage Therapist, Neela Kohli, is available to help you find comfort quickly and guide you to improved muscle habits. With specific training in TMJ pain relief, Neela will provide you with the most relaxing in-office care. A 45-minute session treats the muscles of the jaw from the outside, the jaw from the inside with gloved intraoral technique, and also addresses contributing tension in the neck, head and shoulders. Whether you are experiencing tension in your face from a stressful job or you’ve been grinding your teeth for longer than you can remember, a jaw massage will relieve your pain.

Sky Dental is proud to work with Neela who specializes in Jaw Massage Therapy. This safe, in-office therapy is not only effective for immediate relief, but also offers a long-term solution by reconditioning the surrounding jaw muscles to relieve tension.

If you are feeling unrelenting tension and pain in your jaw and facial muscles, please call us to schedule an appointment.
Each one-hour session (45-minutes of treatment) is $120. Depending on your plan, you may be eligible to use your FSA, with a prescription from one of our dentists.


Neela is an expert in her field, and this 45-minute therapy session will provide you with the relief you have been looking for, all in a comfortable, quiet and relaxing setting. Your massage in one of our spa-like suites will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

Neela’s passion for healing has led her to train across the spectrum of massage modalities, including deep tissue, sports, Swedish, reflexology, prenatal and ayurvedic massage, as well as training in physical therapy and injury recovery. She is thrilled to bring her expertise to the supportive and healing environment of Sky Dental, and looks forward to helping you smile with ease.

Fun Facts

  • Neela’s laugh is contagious
  • She takes wonderful photos of the city
  • She’s won just about every Broadway ticket lottery (yes, including Hamilton!)

Neela’s Holistic Practice Philosophy

With over a decade of experience in a variety of medical settings, Neela believes in the healing power of skilled and caring human touch. Massage reminds the body that it is capable of greater well-being. Her goal is to empower you through hands-on work to improve your health, whether that’s lessening your pain naturally or teaching you important injury prevention skills.

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