Invisalign In NYC

Invisalign nyc

Invisalign in NYC can be yours, starting with your next visit to Sky Dental in Lower Manhattan.

If your smile isn’t as straight as you’d like it to be, there’s still hope. Adults who never had braces when they were younger — or who skipped wearing their retainer afterwards and their teeth moved back out of alignment — are loving Sky Dental’s NYC Invisalign option.

Invisalign can fix many more issues than most people think. It isn’t just for minor teeth straightening anymore. Even issues with misaligned bites, open bites, under- and overbites can be solved with this clear-aligner regimen.

However, not every orthodontic issue can be treated with Invisalign. The best way to find out whether your particular bite or tooth alignment issue can be treated this way is to schedule an appointment with one of our Invisalign experts.

We’ll work with you to take a detailed look at your smile and assess where you are now, where you’d like it to be, and whether Invisalign is the right tool to help you get there.

If Invisalign is right for you, we can get started right away. Most people complete their treatment in around one year. You’ll need to wear the trays for 20 – 22 hours to get the results you want.

Your teeth may feel a little sore during treatment, but that’s normal. Anything more than slight discomfort should be reported to your dentist. 

After your treatment is complete, you will likely still need to wear a retainer when sleeping to keep your teeth from moving back to where they used to be.

One of the greatest things about opting for Invisalign clear retainers rather than traditional braces is that you can take them out when you eat or drink. That means there are no restrictions on which foods you can enjoy, unlike with regular braces, where you have to avoid anything too chewy or sticky.

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